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CANIS International is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization. We do not get financial support from governmental institutions. We solely depend on membership dues and donations. CANIS has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and runs a branch near Cologne, Germany. CANIS works on a global scale.
Animal protection & animal rights
Being an animal protection society, CANIS wants to raise public consciousness for the animal sufferings and deaths caused by humans as well as diminish or, at the best, put these sufferings to an end. And, above all, it is our strategic goal that higher developed, sentinent beings get adjudged to their basic rights. Therefore, on the one hand animal protection has to be embodied in the constitution of the state, on the other hand an international charta of animal rights has to be drawn up. Due to these goals CANIS is also an animal rights group. Moreover, we promote a vegan lifestyle. 

Deep ecology/ Holism  
Though animal protection and animal rights are our prime topics, we firmly believe that these two matters are just parts of a higher philosophical, ethical, spiritual and ecological level, which asks for human rights and connatural balance as well. Due to this, CANIS regards itself as part of an international deep ecology (or “ecosophic”) movement trying to establish an alternative view of life according to which mankind should develop its creative potential in harmony with nature instead of destroying the ecosystem. We believe this holistic way the only solution for our severe global problems. Since this change of perspective cannot be obtained in years but in generations, we believe in connatural pedagogics.

Our method of working

As evident from the name, CANIS puts its main focus on the canine family (dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, foxes etc.). We have chosen this topic out of interest and personal educational backgrounds. Besides, we hold the belief that is necessary to concentrate on one special subject, thus earning knowledge and recognition as experts. Whether it is our efforts for the natural re-introduction of wolves to Austria/Germany, the neutering projects for Rumanian stray dogs or the hard strives against the racist discrimination of certain dog breeds, we always stick to the same non-violent measures. These measures include research on the topic, raising media awareness, political lobbying and direct relief (fodder, medicine etc.). As mentioned above, we strongly support educational programs which teach children respect for their fellow humans as well as for animals, plants and nature as such.


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